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Riding Tips

Your cooperation with our boarding and riding tips helps to keep our service running smoothly and our Operators and customers safe. 

Read our Customer Policy  for more information on riding rules.

How to Ride Big Blue Bus

  1. Arrive early with your fare ready:
    Arrive at the designated bus stop at least 5 minutes early and wait a safe distance from the curb in a spot visible to the driver. Make sure you have a valid fare with you on TAP or mobile ticket.
  1. Make sure it's the bus you want:
    As the bus arrives, check the signs on the front and side of the bus to make sure it's the route and direction you want.
  1. Signal the Operator to stop and wait to board the bus:
    Signal the Operator by waving your hand. Wait at a safe distance away from the curb for the bus to stop. Allow others to exit before boarding the bus. If you need to use a wheelchair ramp to board, please notify the Operator.
  1. Pay your fare and, if possible, avoid crowding in the front of the bus:
    Have your fare ready to insert, tap or show to the Operator upon boarding. After boarding, please be seated or firmly grip the handrail. Seats in the front of the bus should be reserved for persons who are elderly or disabled.
  1. Pull the cord a block before your destination:
    Listen to the overhead announcements for your stop. Pull the cord to request the next stop, about a block before your destination.
  1. Exit with your belongings through the rear door:
    Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop, gather your belongings, and watch your step as you exit through the rear doors.

For Your Safety

Big Blue Bus makes your safety our priority while boarding, riding and disembarking our vehicles. For your safety, and the safety of others:

  • Do not try to board the bus after it pulls away from the curb, wait for the next bus to arrive. Operators are prohibited from allowing riders to board once the bus is moving, or stopped at a red light. 
  • Refrain from asking Operators questions while the bus is moving. If you have a question, ask the Operator briefly when the bus is completely stopped.
  • Remain seated whenever possible. If you're standing, remain behind the yellow safety line and keep a firm grip on a handrail or strap at all times.
  • Children should be seated at all times.

Travel Tips

  • Most Big Blue Bus routes operate between 5am and midnight. Refer to our Routes and Schedules to plan your trip, or call 310-451-5444.
  • For real-time bus arrival information:
    • App It: Download the Transit app.
    • Text It: Text SMBBB and your 4-digit Stop ID (e.g. SMBBB 1234) to 41411. We'll text you back right away with upcoming arrival times.
    • Call Us: Dial (310) 451-5444, then press 1. When prompted, enter your 4-digit Stop ID to hear upcoming arrival times.
    • Real-time Signs: Look for our digital real-time signs at select bus stops.
    • Visit:
  • For a list of locations where Big Blue Bus passes are sold, visit:  
  • Lose something on Big Blue Bus? To report a lost item, call 310-451-5444, or submit an online inquiry at: Please note that it typically takes 2-3 business days for a lost item to be recovered, identified, and returned.

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