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Customer Policy

At Big Blue Bus, we believe ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers is a priority. The Customer Code of Conduct reinforces the safety of all our customers and Operators, and supports a culture of respect and accountability on both sides.

  • Pay your fare - there are no free rides: Failure to pay for your ride can result in a fine. Pay as you board the bus. Reduced fare customers must show proof of eligibility. 
  • Do not distract the driver: Interfering with the safe operation of a transit vehicle is not only illegal, but hazardous to you and others. Threatening the operator or other passengers may lead to cuffs.
  • Don't smoke! There is no smoking on buses or at bus stops (this includes e-cigarettes). 
  • Use headphones and respect others' privacy: Groove, jam, rock out to your own soundtrack. Don't share it with others. 
  • Make the ride comfortable for everyone: Designated seats at the front of every bus are reserved for seniors and customers with disabilities. Please surrender your seat to these customers when they board. 
  • Don't eat or drink on board: Non-alcoholic beverages are allowed on board in sealed containers. Take your container with you when exiting the bus. 
  • Say no to sprawl: Your bag belongs on your lap, not on the seat next to you. If you're standing, make room for others by moving to the back of the bus.
  • Use only G-rated words: Using profanity or derogatory statements is not tolerated and can get you removed from the bus. 
  • Flammable substances are prohibited: Leave the gasoline, car batteries, fireworks, flammable liquids or materials, firearms, gas-powered items (i.e., scooters, bikes, lawn equipment or generators) and other hazardous substances at home.
  • No shirt, no shoes, no ride: Customers without shirts or shoes will be refused service. 
  • Pets must be in a travel carrier: Service animals are exempt. 
  • Keep it clean: Respect those who ride with you and after you. Keep your feet off the seats and take litter with you when you leave. 
  • Use your inside voice: If you talk on your phone, be mindful of your language, keep your voice low and your call brief. 
  • Keep the aisle and doorway clear: Baggage, luggage, packages and other items cannot block the aisle or door. Single items may be placed on the front wheel well of the bus, and must be held firmly at all times.
  • Limit two small carry-on items per customer: Your Operator has the discretion to declare items too large and/or dangerous for transport.
  • Oxygen tanks on-board: Customers may board with either one (1) tank under four feet in length, or two (2) tanks under two feet in length each.
  • When to fold strollers: Strollers not carrying a child must be folded once on-board the bus. Single and double strollers carrying a child do not need to be folded. However, the child must be restrained within the stroller, using the stroller's seat belt. The stroller must be stored in the wheelchair area, but does no need to be restrained using the wheelchair securement straps. Further, the stroller's wheels must be in the lock position, and the owner must be in control of the stroller at all times. 
  • Small carts: Allowed on-board if under 30" x 18" x 18"; may not block the aisle.
  • Scooters & folding bikes: Allowed on-board the bus if under 30" x 18" x 18" when folded. At no time will gas or electric-powered scooters be allowed for transport.
  • Bicycles & e-bikes: Transport non-folding bicycles and e-bikes on the bike rack, but only if they fit safely and securely.
  • Surfboards, skateboards, boogie boards, kneeboards, oh my! With the exception of hoverboards, all types of "boards" under six feet in length are allowed on board, but they must not block the aisle or take up any seats.
  • Be advised: No generally prohibited weapon (as defined in Penal Code Section 16590), dangerous instrument, or any other item intended for use as a weapon, may be carried in or on any Big Blue Bus facility or vehicle