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Trip Planning

Planning your trip with Big Blue Bus is easy. 

From printable maps and timetables to real-time bus arrival information, Big Blue Bus aims to make riding with us as simple as possible.

Real-Time Arrival Information
Big Blue Bus offers real-time bus arrival information! This offers our customers a convenient new tool for getting around town. Real-time arrival information can be accessed in a variety of ways:
  • NextBus: Riders can access NextBus bus arrival predictions at, on a smartphone, by texting, or even by phone.
  • Google Maps for Mobile and Desktop: Within Google Transit, live bus departure times can be viewed by clicking on a blue bus stop icon. When planning a trip, the site will also report whether the bus is on time or not in the directions tab.
  • Third-Party applications. Big Blue Bus began opening its data in the GTFS-realtime standard on June 6, 2015, which made it possible for third-party developers to incorporate BBB's trip updates and service alerts information. Some of these apps are available for both Android and iOS.

Note: Big Blue Bus does not officially endorse, license, or warrant any of these applications--we allow our data to be used for greater customer convenience.  For technical support, please contact the individual app developers. Interested in accessing our GTFS-realtime data? Click here.

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Google Transit

We offer riders the ability to plan trips through Google Transit! Google Transit is a part of Google Maps. With the help of Google Transit, even complicated trips can be planned out easily with just a few clicks. 

Directions for using Google Transit:




Download the Google Maps app
for FREE on the iOS App Store (iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

STEPS 2 & 3


Launch the app.
The blue dot corresponds to your current location.

Click the blue "Directions" icon
in the bottom right corner of the screen.



Click the "Transit" icon at the top of the directions screen.
Nearby bus routes and real-time arrival information will be shown.



Input your starting location
(if different from your current location)
and your destination.

Google Maps will generate detailed transit itineraries for you!

Tap any itinerary for more information.



Tap the white panel at the bottom.

STEP 6 (Cont.)


For more details select any step of the trip.



If you'd like to change the time
of departure or arrival,
simply click the "Depart At" bar.



Select the date and time
you'd like to depart or arrive at your
desired location, and click "DONE."