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Riding BBB to School

Big Blue Bus offers a safe, affordable, and convenient ride to school for K-12 students. Saving money, cutting out the hassle of school drop-offs, and instilling mobility independence in our youth are just a few advantages of riding with us.

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  • 30-Day Youth Pass
  • How to Get Your Student TAP Card  
  • Riding Big Blue Bus
  • For Parents
  • How to Purchase a 30-Day Youth Pass 

    The price for the Big Blue Bus 30-Day Youth Pass has been reduced from $38 to just $19. 

    To purchase the pass: 

    • TAP: Apply for a Student TAP Card via mail or online for quicker processing. Load the 30-Day Youth Pass onto the Student TAP Card for trips on Big Blue Bus, and add Stored Value for 1-Way trips on Metro Bus and Rail. (See below for detailed instructions.)
    • Transit: Purchase the 30-Day Youth Pass right from your smartphone, using the Transit app. To purchase the pass using the app, students must first visit the Transit Store, to complete a one-time student verification. Students or parents are required to bring valid identification, such as a student ID, state ID, birth certificate, passport, or Student TAP Card. Once verified, passes will be available for purchase on the registered phone number.

    How to Get Your Student TAP Card

    The Big Blue Bus Youth 30-Day passes is also available online on Transit Access Pass (TAP), the transit smartcard used by 24 participating agencies throughout Los Angeles County. TAP provides a host of great features for passholders, including:
    • Balance protection in case your card is lost or stolen.
    • Ability to reload fares online at
    • Use the card on 24 TAP participating agencies, including Big Blue Bus, Metro Bus and Rail.
    • Board faster!

    Get started: 

    1. Youth 18 and under should apply now for the special K-12 Student TAP Card. This specially marked, orange-colored card (see image below) is your ticket to purchasing a discounted 30-Day Youth Pass on Big Blue Bus, as well as a special $1 fare on Metro Bus or Rail payable with Stored Value or cash. Note: Because the TAP office may take 6-8 weeks to process the applications, it is important that applications are submitted as soon as possible to avoid delays.
    K-12 Student TAP Card
    1. When the card arrives, add Stored Value and/or Big Blue Bus passes onto your new TAP card by logging online to taptogo.netvisiting a TAP sales outlet or by visiting Blue: Transit Store at 1444 4th St.; or a ticket vending machine at a Metro Rail station. (Note: If you add value from the TAP website, it will take up to 48 hours for online pass orders to be loaded onto your TAP card).
    TAPTOGO Online
    1. Once your TAP card is loaded with a 30-Day Youth Pass or Stored Value, simply tap your card on the validator when boarding the bus and listen for the beep. Enjoy the ride!
    TAP Validator


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    Riding Big Blue Bus 

    Big Blue Bus is your ride to school on the Westside. Find your school on our System Map, or use Google Transit to plan your trip with step-by-step directions. 

    Once you arrive at your stop, check out our new real-time arrival information to know just when your bus will arrive. More tools for trip planning with Big Blue Bus are available here


    Attending Santa Monica High School? 

    Click here for more information about how riding Big Blue Bus to Santa Monica High School. 


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    For Parents 

    To avoid delays, please assist your child in applying for the K-12 Student TAP Card as soon as possible. Application forms are available here or the application can be completed online. Printed application forms must be mailed or submitted in person at any of the Metro Customer Centers indicated on the form.

    GoPass Program

    The GoPass Program is available to students at participating K-12 schools and community colleges, with a focus on helping students ride transit without the worry of paying fare. With a registered GoPass TAP card, students attending participating schools can ride Big Blue Bus, Metro, and other participating agencies to and from school, and for trips after school and on weekends. 

    Have questions? Check out Metro's FAQ


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