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Riding BBB to Santa Monica High

Several routes serve the campus, offering easy, convenient access from across the Westside and beyond.   

Santa Monica High School is easily accessed by Big Blue Bus. Riding with us to school means less money spent on gas or stressing about traffic. Just get on the bus and relax with your music, social media, or friends.  

Students can purchase a reduced-cost Big Blue Bus 30 Day Pass for just $19. Students are encouraged to purchase their passes on youth Transit Access Pass (TAP) cards or the Transit app. The TAP system is used region-wide, and offers several useful features for riders. The TAP system allows for balance protection in case your card is lost or stolen and offers the ability to reload fares quickly and easily from your smartphone or computer. Customers using TAP are also able to board the bus much faster than those paying with cash or a paper pass, which means less waiting around at each stop for people to board and pay.

For details on how to get started, visit:

Trip Planning Help

For assistance with planning your trip to school, please visit our Trip Planning page.

Big Blue Bus offers real-time bus arrival information through the Transit app! Now you'll know just when to leave home to meet your bus, or how much time you have after school to socialize with friends before you need to head home. More information about using the Transit app is available here.

GoPass Program

The GoPass Program is available to students at participating K-12 schools and community colleges, with a focus on helping students ride transit without the worry of paying fare. With a registered GoPass TAP card, students attending participating schools can ride Big Blue Bus, Metro, and other participating agencies to and from school, and for trips after school and on weekends. 

Have questions? Check out Metro's FAQs