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Ride with Confidence

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Big Blue Bus is implementing several initiatives to improve how you move! Specifically, we're enhancing system safety, convenience, and reliability, and adjusting our service to better align with how and where people ride Big Blue Bus. Our comprehensive customer experience improvement plan consists of:  

  • Reimagining Our Bus System: Brighter Blue is our strategic planning effort to get more riders more places, by implementing significant service improvements over the next five years. Learn more:

  • Introducing Transit Safety Officers: Safety officers have been deployed to keep our system welcoming and accessible for everyone. Officers are stationed on high-traffic routes and select bus stops where our riders need them the most. Learn more:



  • Enhancing Bus Stop Amenities: Our Better Blue Bus Stops initiative will improve bus stops in our service area with better lighting, real-time information signs, and increased seating and shade. These enhancements are in response to the feedback we received from our community in Winter 2023. Learn more:

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  • Improving Bus Arrival Predictions: We're upgrading our fleet communications system to provide better real-time bus arrival predictions and minimize service delays and disruptions.

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These initiatives aim to improve the passenger experience and ensure everyone can ride Big Blue Bus with confidence! 

Share Your Feedback 

Have feedback on other improvements we can make to enhance your experience? Let us know at: