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For App Developers

BBB is excited to make resources available that promote the use of transit, including real-time bus arrival information.

We hope that this data is useful to software developers, researchers, urban planners, journalists, businesses and interested citizens.

Available Data 

Additional transportation-related data is available on the City of Santa Monica's open data portal and at

General Information 

Is there a cost to use our data?

Our data is free to use.

Uses of data

We have already seen a wide array of creative uses of transit-related open data into web- and smartphone-based applications since we published our GTFS data in 2013. Search for “Big Blue Bus” in the travel or navigation categories of your preferred app store (Google Play or the App store) to explore your options; many provide trip planning help and arrival times.

Send us your feedback

With the City of Santa Monica's Information Systems Department, we work continuously to improve available data. Please do not hesitate to provide us with feedback.

Terms of use

To use any City of Santa Monica data offerings, you will need to agree to the City’s Terms and Conditions Of Use. Per the Terms and Conditions, if you are interested in using the name or logos for the City of Santa Monica and/or BBB in your application, you need to make your request in writing and in advance. You may contact us through here. 

What is GTFS and GTFS-realtime?

These standards are well-documented by Google.