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Route 17 UCLA-VA Medical Center-Palms

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Route 17 Map

Markers indicate stops on route

Scheduled Service Change - February 19, 2017

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Route and Schedule Changes

  • More frequent weekday service!
    • Service improved to every 20 minutes for better connectivity between UCLA and the Expo Line.
  • Route changes at UCLA:
    • Route begins and ends at Charles E. Young Terminal instead of Hilgard Terminal.
    • Northbound trips no longer serve Le Conte Ave. or Hilgard Ave.
    • Southbound:
    • Stop discontinued on Hilgard Ave. and Westholme Ave
      • Stop on National Blvd. & Venice Blvd. (Culver City Station) now located before¬†intersection.

New Stop!

  • NB Westwood Plaza & Jules Stein Eye Institute

Discontinued Stops:

  • NB Westwood Blvd. & Le Conte Ave.
  • EB Le Conte Ave. & Tiverton Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Manning Ave.
  • NB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave.
  • UCLA Hilgard Terminal
  • SB Hilgard Ave. & Westholme Ave.