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Fare Information


Beginning Sunday, April 18, Big Blue Bus will no longer accept paper passes on board.

This change is part of a pilot program to study cashless boarding, and further protect customers and staff. Instead, customers are strongly encouraged to make contactless fare payments with a TAP card, the TAP app, or a mobile ticket. 

For a limited time, customers with an unused Big Blue Bus paper pass may exchange it for an equivalent pass on a TAP card or mobile ticket only, by visiting Blue: The Transit Store during regular hours of operation.

We have discounted Single Ride fares for those making contactless payments with TAP or a mobile tickets. More details:

  • You can pay your Big Blue Bus fare with a pre-loaded TAP card, the Transit, Token Transit, or TAP app on your iPhone or Android smartphone, or with cash.
  • Senior, Disabled, Medicare rates are applicable for riders who are 62 or older, or riding with a valid ID.*
  • College Students - You may be eligible for reduced rates. View our College Discounts.
  • Children 4 & under ride for free.

Single Trip


Regular Cash Fare

Regular TAP & Mobile Ticket Fare

S/D/M* Cash Fare

S/D/M* TAP & Mobile Ticket Fare

BBB Trip

$1.25 $1** $0.50 $0.40**

*Senior Discount ID's accepted: Valid driver's license, DMV ID, Senior TAP card or passport

*Disabled Discount IDs accepted: Valid LACTOA TAP ID Card, Disabled TAP Card, Access Card, Medicare card, or DMV placard

**Promotional fare valid for a limited time only, and subject to change without notice.

Multi-Ride Passes



TAP & Mobile Ticket Fare


TAP** & Mobile Ticket Fare

Day Pass

Ride as many BBBs as you want in a single day.

$4 $1.50

7-Day Pass

Ride as many BBBs as you want in a consecutive 7 day period.


13 Rides Pass

$14 $6

30-Day Pass

Ride as many BBBs as you want in a consecutive 30 day period.

$50 $24

Youth 30-Day Pass*

Ride as many BBBs as you want in a consecutive 30 day period.

$38 $19**
50% off 

Annual Pass

Ride as many BBBs as you want in a consecutive 365 day period.


EZ Transit Pass (Zone Zero)

$110 $42
* Youth Discount ID's accepted: Current report card, current valid school ID, class schedule with total number of units, official letter from school verifying enrollment, birth certificate, or valid passport, California ID card, or California driver's license.
** Must have a Reduced Fare or Disabled TAP card.

About boarding with cash or BBB tokens

  • Fareboxes take exact change only. 
  • Bills and coins accepted with the exception of half dollar coins.  
  • BBB tokens only.

About other passes

  • BBB accepts Metro's EZ transit pass Zone Zero.
  • BBB accepts the Low Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) 4-Ride Regional Pass; this  must be tapped on TAP devices prior to or at time of boarding.
  • Metro, Metrolink, and other agency passes are not accepted as valid forms of fare payment on BBB.
  • ACCESS Services users ride BBB for free with a valid ACCESS card.

Where to buy passes