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Major route, stop and schedule updates coming August 21, 2016

Last August, Big Blue Bus began to roll out a series of changes called the Evolution of Blue, designed to provide first-last mile links and easy connections to Expo, with the goal of attracting new riders that may not have considered public transport a viable option in the past. Signaling a new wave of mobility options in the City of Santa Monica, Big Blue Bus made a significant investment in improving the way you move and connect on the Westside. Inspiring people to get out of their cars via easy connections to Expo, and providing a mobility landscape that enables you to connect to people, places, and experiences has been the larger goal. And, that type of access ultimately results in a better quality of life.

August 21 will mark the final phase of the Evolution of Blue and you can expect to see the following changes:


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  • 1

    Route 1 Main St & Santa Monica Blvd

    Major Route Changes (preview new schedule):

    • All Days:
    • Will no longer serve Marina del Rey. Service south of Venice Beach to Marina del Rey is replaced with revised Route 18. Please refer to Route 18 for details.
    • Service to downtown Santa Monica and UCLA begins on Main St. and Market St. just north of Windward Circle.
    • Service to Venice ends at Venice Circle.
    • Minor schedule adjustments have been made as part of route modifications.

    New Stops!

    • Windward EB & Main
    • 4th SB & Civic Center
    • Pico WB & 4th

    Discontinued Stops:

    • SB Via Marina & Admiralty
    • SB Via Marina & Panay
    • SB Via Marina & Marquesas
    • NB Via Dolce & Dell Alley
    • NB Ocean & 28th
    • NB Ocean & Venice
    • WB Venice Way & Riviera
    • SB 6th & Broadway
    • SB Main & Olympic
    • SB Main & Pico
    • SB Main & Venice Way
    • EB Venice Way & Riviera
    • SB Ocean & Venice
    • SB Ocean & 28th
  • 2

    Route 2 Wilshire Blvd

    • All days: Westbound trips in Downtown Santa Monica will travel south on 4th St., turn right on Broadway, left on 2nd St. to Main St., left on Pico Blvd., left on 4th St. and come to a final stop on 4th St. at Civic Center Dr.
    • Weekdays: New westbound trip departs Charles E. Young/P2 Hub at 10:05pm.

    New Stops!

    • 4th NB & Arizona
    • Broadway WB & 3rd

    Discontinued Stops:

    • 4th SB & Santa Monica Place
  • 5

    Route 5 Olympic Blvd

    Major Route and Schedule Changes (preview new schedule):

    • All Days:
    • Service discontinued west of Olympic Blvd. and 26th St. to and from Downtown Santa Monica. Alternate service between is available on Metro's Expo Line or via Route 1 on Santa Monica Blvd.
    • Service now operates between Cloverfield Blvd. and Olympic Blvd. and Century City via Olympic Blvd. with stops at both the 26th St/Bergamot Station and Bundy Station.
    • Minor schedule adjustments to weekday peak hour service between Palms Station and Century City to better connect with Expo Line.
    • Weekend service reduced to every 60 minutes.

    New Stops!

    • Olympic WB & Cloverfield
    • 20th NB & Olympic
    • Cloverfield SB & Colorado
    • Olympic WB & Cloverfield

    Discontinued Stops:

    • 4th NB & Arizona
    • 4th NB & Wilshire
    • Wilshire EB & 6th
    • Santa Monica EB & 4th
    • 6th SB & Santa Monica
    • Broadway EB & Lincoln
    • Broadway EB & 11th
    • Broadway EB & 14th
    • Broadway EB & 17th
    • Broadway EB & 20th
    • Colorado EB & Cloverfield
    • Colorado EB & 26th
    • Century Park East NB & Pico
    • Colorado WB & 26th
    • Colorado WB & Cloverfield
    • Colorado WB & 20th
    • Broadway WB & 20th
    • Broadway WB & 17th
    • Broadway WB & 14th
    • Broadway WB & 11th
    • Broadway WB & Lincoln
    • Broadway WB & 5th
    • 4th NB & Santa Monica
  • 10

    Rapid 10 Downtown LA Freeway Express

    Major Schedule Change (preview new schedule):

    • Weekend service is discontinued. Alternate service to Downtown Los Angeles is available via Big Blue Bus connections to Metro Rail as follows:
    • Santa Monica Blvd.: Route 1 to Downtown Santa Monica Expo Line Station
    • Santa Monica Blvd. between 14th St. and 20th St: Routes 41 or 42 to 17th St./ SMC Expo Line Station.
    • Bundy Dr.: Route 14 to Bundy Expo Line Station.
    • No changes to weekday service. 
  • 12

    Rapid 12 UCLA/Westwood to Expo Rapid

    Weekday Schedule Changes (preview new schedule):

    • Service to UCLA every 6-12 minutes between 7am and 9:30am. Midday service every 12 minutes until 6:30pm.
    • Service from UCLA every 7-10 minutes from 3pm to 5:45pm. Midday service every 12 minutes until 7:30pm.
    • Evening service every 24 minutes.

    New Stops!

    • UCLA Gateway Plaza
    • Overland SB & Charnock (across the intersection)

    Discontinued Stops:

    • Charles E. Young Terminal
    • Overland SB & Charnock (moved across the intersection)
  • 14

    Route 14 Bundy Dr & Centinela Ave

    All Days: Service in Brentwood ends on Montana Ave. and Barrington Ave. instead of Gorham Ave. and San Vicente Blvd. 

    New Stops!

    • Gorham WB & San Vicente
    • Montana EB & Barrington

    Discontinued Stops:

    • San Vicente EB & Montana
  • 18

    Route 18 UCLA - Abbot Kinney - Marina del Rey

    Major Route and Schedule Changes (preview new schedule):

    • Service discontinued on Westminster, Riviera and Windward Avenues.
    • Westbound service from UCLA to Abbot Kinney is extended to Marina del Rey (see map).
    • Eastbound service from Marina del Rey to UCLA begins on Via Marina at Admiralty Way (see map).
    • Weekday service improved to every 20 minutes during peak hours from 6am to 9:30am and 3pm to 6pm.
    • New weekday westbound trip departs Charles E. Young/P2 Hub at 10:14pm.
    • Weekend schedule updated due to Marina del Rey route extension.
    • Sunday service in Brentwood ends on Gorham Ave. and San Vicente Blvd, instead of Bringham Ave. and San Vicente Blvd. 

    New Stops!

    • Via Marina SB & Admiralty
    • Via Marina SB & Panay
    • Via Marina SB & Marquesas
    • Via Dolce NB & Dell Alley
    • Washington EB & Via Marina
    • Washington EB & Wilson
    • Washington EB & Mildred
    • Abbot Kinney NB & Coeur D'Alene
    • Abbot Kinney NB & Boccaccio
    • Abbot Kinney NB & Venice
    • Gorham WB & San Vicente (Sundays only)
    • Abbot Kinney SB & Venice
    • Abbot Kinney SB & Marr
    • Abbot Kinney SB & Coeur D'Alene
    • Washington WB & Oxford
    • Washington WB & Wilson

    Discontinued Stops:

    • Windward WB & Main
    • Riviera NB & Windward
    • Westminster EB & Abbot Kinney
    • Abbot Kinney EB & Cadiz Court
    • San Vicente WB & Bringham (Sundays only)
    • 6th SB & Broadway
    • Abbot Kinney WB & Santa Clara
    • Westminster WB & Abbot Kinney
    • Riviera SB & Windward
    • Windward WB & Main
  • 41-42

    Route 41-42 17th St Station - SMC - Montana Ave

    Major Schedule Changes (preview new schedule):

    • Service improved to every 12 minutes during peak hours.
    • Midday service modified to every 25 or 35 minutes to better connect with the Expo Line at 17th St./SMC Station.

    New Stops! (Route 42):

    • Colorado WB & 20th
    • 14th SB & Broadway 
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