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Beginning January 2018, the Low Income Fare is Easy (LIFE) program provides monthly fare subsidy coupons to eligible riders for transit pass purchases.  

How it Works

  • Eligible riders include adult Regular riders, Senior/Disabled/Medicare, K-12 students, and College/Vocational students who are pre-qualified by a participating community-based agency.
  • Coupons are only valid for passes purchased during the month printed on the coupon.
  • Because EZ transit passes are available for advanced purchase (i.e. May passes go on sale April 25), coupons used to buy EZ passes must be for the same month as the pass (i.e. a May coupon can only be used to purchase a May EZ transit pass).
  • One coupon, per person, per month; coupons must be submitted at the time of purchase. 
  • A purchase made with a coupon must equal or exceed the coupon’s value, as outlined below:

Coupon Category

Coupons can be used to buy

Coupons cannot be used to buy

Regular Rider

30-Day Pass (Local and Express) or an EZ Transit Pass

Regular Day Pass, 7-Day Pass, 13 Rides Pass, or Stored Value on TAP

Student K-12

Regular 7-Day Pass, Regular 13 Rides Pass, or a 30-Day Youth Pass

Regular Day Pass or Stored Value on TAP


Regular 7-Day Pass, Regular 13 Rides Pass, Regular 30-Day Pass (Local and Express), or an EZ Transit Pass

Regular Day Pass or Stored Value on TAP


Regular 7-Day Pass, an S/D/M 30-Day Pass (Local and Express), or an S/D/M EZ Transit Pass

S/D/M Day Pass, S/D/M 13 Rides Pass, or Stored Value on TAP

Eligibility Guidelines

LIFE coupons are available to Los Angeles County residents whose household income levels meet the following Federal HUD guidelines: 

Current Household/Maximum Annual Income  

1 person/$33,950 4 people/$48,450
2 people/$38,800 5 people/$52,350
3 people/$43,650 6 people/$56,250

Children over 5 years old whose parents qualify are automatically also eligible to receive LIFE coupons.

Note: Residents of the Cities/County and students of schools and colleges already being subsidized for Metro fare media will not be eligible to receive this coupon subsidy.

Types of Subsidies

Coupon Category

Current Value

Regular Rider


Student K-12






How to Apply 

FAME Assistance Corporation

Where to Apply 

Call the agency of your choice to make an appointment. Be sure to ask about distribution days and hours, ask if an appointment is necessary, ask if they have the coupon available for your specific pass type (Regular, Disabled, Senior or Student), and lastly be sure to ask if there are any additional requirements (each agency is different).

Once your appointment is scheduled, remember to take with you proof of identity and income (i.e. pay stub, public benefit card, tax return, medical card, proof of free/reduced lunch services, or proof of lifeline). Approval only takes a matter of minutes, and you will be provided coupons immediately. Please note that LIFE coupons will soon be distributed on TAP, and recipients will be required to be in possession of a valid TAP Card.

Latino Resource Organization - West Los Angeles Family Source Center
4804 S. Centinela Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90066


Latino Resource Organization 

St. Joseph Center 

Where to Buy Passes

LIFE coupons can be used to purchase eligible BBB passes at the following locations:

Blue: The Transit Store
1334 5th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90401


Continental Currency Services
10716 Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232


Ralphs #759
10861 Weyburn Ave.
Westwood, CA 90024


Ralphs #44
12057 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025