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Making Contactless Fare Payments on BBB

For a limited time, get a FREE 30 Day pass when you make contactless payments on Big Blue Bus. For details, visit:

We're Switching to Contactless Fare Payments This Summer!

Customers will soon be required to make contactless fare payments with a TAP or a mobile ticket, instead of cash and tokens. Contactless is the safer, faster, and more convenient way to pay your fare. And for a limited time, Regular customers can ride Big Blue Bus for only $1 each way with contactless fare payments; Senior/Disabled/Medicare (S/D/M) customers ride for just $0.40.

There are two (2) ways to make contactless fare payments on Big Blue Bus:



If you rode transit before the pandemic and paid with cash, then you know how difficult carrying cash and coins can be while on the go. TAP eliminates the burden of carrying exact change, by offering a single, durable and reusable card that works as your transit pass.

TAP cards are secure and smart, and can be loaded with Stored Value (valid on any TAP-participating transit agency) or a Big Blue Bus pass for seamless travel throughout the Westside and LA County.

What’s Stored Value?

Stored Value is a specified amount of money that you load onto your TAP card. (It's similar to how you might load cash onto a prepaid gift or debit card, except this card pays for your transit rides!) When boarding a bus or train, simply use your pre-loaded card to pay your fare - the cost of the ride is automatically calculated and deducted from the balance on your card.

Stored Value is accepted on 26 TAP-participating transit agencies in LA County, including Big Blue Bus, Metro, Culver CityBus, and Foothill Transit. For a complete list of agencies that accept TAP, visit:

How do I pay with Stored Value on Big Blue Bus?

That’s easy! As soon as you board the bus, look for the validator on your right-hand side (it’s a small black box with a blue circle that reads “TAP”). Hold your TAP card on or near the validator, until the screen on the validator turns green; if a red screen appears, that means you need to load your card with Stored Value, or a Big Blue Bus pass.

Need to transfer to a different agency to complete your trip? No problem! Use your Stored Value on your TAP card to transfer between agencies for just $0.50 (or $0.25 for Senior/Disabled/Medicare customers) -- you can read more about transfers here:

How do I load Stored Value on my Card?

You can load Stored Value on your TAP card in several convenient ways:


By Phone:

866.TAPTOGO (866.827.8646)


Download the TAP app on your iOS or Android smartphone


Blue: The Transit Store (1444 4th Street, Santa Monica); visit for additional TAP vendor locations

Metro Rail Stations:

TAP vending machines

Note: Youth and S/D/M customers must apply to receive a Reduced Fare TAP card, in order to receive a discounted rate on Big Blue Bus. Applications can be completed in-person or online, and eligible applicants typically receive their personalized card in the mail within 8 weeks. For more details, visit:


You can now pay your fare on TAP using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android device instead of a physical card! Use the app to buy Stored Value and Big Blue Bus passes from anywhere, and pay on board with your mobile device. For more details, visit:

Mobile Ticket

BBB Mobile Ticket Image_Medium

Mobile tickets offer an easy, convenient, and contactless fare payment option for Big Blue Bus customers. Tickets can be purchased through Transit (our official app), Token Transit, and coming soon other third-party apps available for iOS and Android smartphones. Big Blue Bus Single Rides and passes can be purchased in the app for immediate use or stored for future trips.

How do I pay with a mobile ticket on Big Blue Bus?

As the bus approaches, activate your mobile ticket in the app (note that an internet connection is required to purchase a mobile ticket). Once onboard, follow instructions in the app to validate your ticket with the validator (a small white and blue box located next to the farebox that reads “TT”), or by showing your ticket to the Operator.

Note: Big Blue Bus’s mobile tickets are designed to be clearly visible beyond 6-feet, making it easy for Operators to visually validate tickets at a safe distance.

If using the validator, it will beep to verify your ticket is valid, and your phone will flash green (Regular ticket) or blue (Reduced Fare ticket). If the validator does not beep, your ticket may be invalid, or you may be required to show your ticket to the Operator.

Learn how to buy and pay your fare with the Transit app:

Learn how to buy and pay your fare with the Token Transit app:

Mobile Tickets for Youth & S/D/M

To purchase reduced fare mobile tickets, Youth and S/D/M customers must first visit Blue: Transit Store to verify eligibility, using one of the following valid forms of identification:


Current report card, current valid school ID, class schedule with total number of units, official letter from school verifying enrollment, birth certificate, OR valid passport, California ID card, OR California driver’s license


Valid California ID card, California driver’s license, Senior TAP Card, OR passport


(1) Valid California ID card, California driver’s license OR passport, AND

(2) Valid LACTOA TAP ID Card, Medicare card, California DMV Placard, Braille ID cards, OR ACCESS Services TAP Card


Medicare card (NOT Medicare supplement or Medi-Cal card is not accepted.)

For more details about mobile tickets, visit:

Keeping You Moving Safely

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, we’ve implemented changes to how you ride, including more rigorous cleaning procedures, mandatory face coverings and social distancing, passenger limits, and more.

To learn about all that we’re doing to protect the health of our customers and staff, visit: We look forward to serving you when you’re ready to ride!