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Real-Time Info

When is the bus coming? 

Real-time arrival information plus bus vehicle locations makes riding easier for you.  

NextBus RT Now Here News

NextBus is a guide for bus arrival times. They may vary from 30 seconds to about 3 minutes from what is reported. 


Already, some riders have been able to access real-time bus location and trip update information through Google Maps or a third-party smartphone application. Through NextBus, we are able to offer riders access to real-time bus arrival predictions not only through this website, but also through mobile devices, SMS/texting, and by phone. 

Looking for tools to help plan your trip? Visit our Trip Planning page.


On Mobile? Click here to connect to NextBus.


Decoding Stop Names

You might be wondering how to decipher stop names with acronyms like NB and NS. Here is a brief glossary:


  • NB = Northbound
  • SB = Southbound
  • EB = Eastbound
  • WB = Westbound
  • NS = Nearside (on the side of the block prior to crossing the intersection)
  • FS = Farside (the side of the block after crossing the intersection) 
  • MB = Midblock (bus stop is in in the middle of the block)


Other Ways To Access NextBus Information


Visit OR you can download an app that uses the GPS in your device to autodetect your location and provide you with bus arrival information for nearby stops. The NextBus iOS app is available for iPhone and iPad users. NextBus also has a comprehensive app for Android users.

Bonus: The NextBus app and other third party apps that pull in NextBus’s data will show arrival information for other NextBus customers in the Los Angeles area, like UCLA, Foothill Transit and Metro Los Angeles.


NextBus is available for riders with disabilities. Click here.


“SMBBB” and your stop number to 41411*. Leave a space between the word “SMBBB” and your stop number when entering text. Note: Standard rates apply. 


Call 310-451-5444 and press one to connect with NextBus. For quicker access to information, call our direct line at 310-602-6114.

Note: You will need your bus stop's four-digit ID number to access real-time arrival information. Signs have been installed at all Big Blue Bus stops displaying four-digit stop numbers and information on accessing NextBus. You can also look up your stop number above or contact us through GO or by phone at 310-451-5444.