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We’re Improving Your Bus Stop Experience
February 07, 2019

Solar-powered Real-Time and  LED Lighting Web Banner

Solar-powered Real-time Signs and LED Lighting Coming Your Way!

In October 2018, Big Blue Bus (BBB) asked customers to help identify bus stops most in need of enhancements, including lighting and bus arrival information. BBB heard from more than 500 customers! By using customer feedback and ridership data, BBB was able to determine which 190 high-volume stops it will retrofit with solar-powered real-time signs and LED lights.

In late February 2019, real-time signs and LED lights will be installed at 166 City of Los Angeles bus stops and 10 City of Santa Monica large bus shelters. LED lights will be added to 14 small bus shelters also in Santa Monica. In total, these stops average 26,908 daily pick-ups – each weekday, improving the bus stop experience for 61 percent of all customers systemwide.

The new additions combined with existing real-time signs means that 76 percent of all BBB customers will soon have access to bus arrival information. You can look forward to:

Enhanced Customer Safety
• Equipped with two (2) push-button activated LED lights.
• Increased customer safety and enhanced customer visibility in low light conditions.

Greater Access to Real-time Information
• Bus arrival information can be easily read in daylight.
• When the push-button is activated, a text-to-speech audio annunciator will inform customers when the next bus is arriving.
• Information displayed will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) character size requirements.
• Signs will be programmed to display timely information about detours and bus stop closures.

Commitment to Sustainability
• Real-time signs, lights and audio will be powered by renewable energy, which is generated through solar panels located above each sign.
• The signs will be manufactured using recycled aluminum and non-toxic batteries.

Selected Bus Stop Map
Visit the map to locate the selected bus stops in BBB’s service area or take a look below.

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