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Paperless Transfers on TAP Begin July 15th
May 29, 2018

Transfer on 2nd Boarding (TO2B) will officially launch on July 15, 2018. Here's what you need to know about the transition to paperless transfers on TAP.

What is TO2B?

Beginning July 15, transfers between agencies will be exclusively on TAP.

What this means for you:

  • You must load Stored Value (cash value) on a TAP card to transfer between TAP-participating transit agencies; paper transfers will not be issued after July 14.
  • Riders using cash, Token Transit, BBB paper passes, or student identification cards will no longer be able to purchase a paper transfer.
  • Pay with TAP when you board, then tap again when you transfer to another agency, and your transfer fare will be automatically deducted from your Stored Value.

Why TO2B?

TO2B offers many benefits to you:

  • Lower fare  with your TAP card on BBB - regular TAP fare is $1.10, compared to $1.25 cash fare
  • Save the quarters for laundry day, transfer fares are automatically calculated and deducted from your TAP card loaded with Stored Value
  • Faster boarding with transfers on TAP cards everyone gets to their destination faster
  • Increased transfer window from 2 hours to 2.5 hours

How to Prepare for TO2B

Step 1: Get a TAP card

A TAP card is a durable, reusable, smart card that works as your bus pass. It costs $2 and can be purchased at the following locations:

  1. In-Person - Blue: The Transit Store or any TAP vendor location
  2. Online - by creating a free TAP account
  3. By Phone866.TAPTOGO (1.866.827.8646)
  4. Metro Rail Ticket Vending Machines - Located at all Metro Rail Stations

Senior, Disabled, and Medicare riders may apply for a free, Reduced Fare TAP card. Check qualifications and application instructions on TAP's website.

  • Seniors can attend our monthly workshop at the Ken Edwards Center, held on the first Wednesday of every month at 1:00pm
  • College/Vocational School Students should check with their institutions for TAP card purchasing options
  • K-12 students' parents can apply for their children at

Step 2: Load Stored Value onto your TAP card

Stored Value is a specified amount of money that you load onto your card, using cash or credit, debit and prepaid cards. That money can be used to pay for rides, agency passes, and transfer fares. With Stored Value, your fare is automatically calculated and deducted from your account every time you tap.

You can load Stored Value in the same four ways you can purchase a tap card: in-person, online, by phone (1.866.827.8646), and at Metro Rail ticket vending machines.

Step 3: Ride with BBB and Our Transit Partners!

First Trip of Your Journey

The fare for your first trip must be paid with a TAP card, or else you will be required to pay full fare on the second trip. TAP your preloaded card on BBB or the TAP participating agency's validator, located on the bus or at a Metro Rail station. A green screen and a positive beep means you are ready to ride! A red screen and negative beep means you need to load your card.

Check out the table below to see what transfers look like under TO2B using a TAP card loaded with Stored Value.


BBB to Metro (or any TAP participating agency) with TAP

Metro to BBB with TAP

Trip 1 Fare*



Transfer Time

2.5 hours

2.5 hours

Trip 2 Fare*



Total Trip Cost*



* The fare amount will vary depending on Regular fare or Senior/Medicare/Disabled fare.
** There are no BBB to BBB transfers.

Second Trip of Your Journey

You will have two-and-a-half (2.5) hours to transfer to the next bus or train. Only one transfer is allowed during the 2.5-hour window. TAP your card a second time on the next agency's TAP validator, located on the bus or at a Metro Rail station. A green screen and a positive beep means you are ready to ride! A red screen and negative beep means you need to load your card.

You are now ready to ride with paperless transfers on TAP. See you on board!