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Expo Integration Plan Update
April 30, 2015

A big thank you to all our customers who participated over the last 18 months and also to those who came out to BBB's Expo Integration Plan public hearing last night.  The City Council unanimously approved BBB's Expo Service Integration Plan.  

Our work is only just beginning as our team works to prepare for an 11% increase in service. These tasks include: 

  • Customer Service: Sharing information with customers on the proposed phasing of this plan
  • Graphic Design: Developing maps and timetables for new routes 
  • Human Resources: Hiring almost 20 new motor coach operators
  • Training: New skills for new operators and new route training for existing 250 bus operators
  • Maintenance: Purchasing new vehicles
  • Facilities: Adding 200 new bus stops to our network
  • Planning: Evaluating new services to meet performance standards 

With your help as well, our efforts to provide greater service and connectivity with the upcoming light rail will provide more convenient transportation options throughout BBB's service area. Stay tuned for details as we prepare to implement service changes over the course of the next 12 months in anticipation of the opening of Expo Light Rail Service in Spring 2016. 

Now begins the Evolution of Blue. Join us for the ride.    

BBB presented an updated proposal at a Santa Monica City Council Public Hearing on April 28th. 

See the full plan here. Big Blue Bus worked with hundreds of stakeholders over the past two years and planning staff has took thousands of YOUR comments into consideration to produce the final service proposal. 


Resources & Maps

Expo Integration Map


Next Steps

With City Council's unanimous approval on April 28th, 2015,  the first phase of implementation will begin with Service Changes in August. More information will be available later this spring.  


Major Project Milestones



First Expo Online Survey

Jun 2013

Sep 2013

Data Collection, Establish Baseline of Existing Conditions

Oct 2013

Dec 2013

Create an Anticipated Demand Model

Jan 2014

May 2014

First Round of Community Meetings

Feb 2014

Apr 2014

Second Expo Online Survey

Feb 2014

Jun 2014

Create Dedicated Web Page for Project

May 2014

Jul 2014

Route Design & Implementation Plan of BBB Services

Mar 2014

Nov 2014

Publish Draft Expo Integration Proposal

Jun 2014

Jun 2014

Second Round of Community Meetings

Jul 2014

Aug 2014

Third Expo Online Survey

Jul 2014

Oct 2014

City Council Study Session on Plan

Dec 2014

Dec 2014

Final Service Recommendations and Adoption of Plan by City Council

March 2015

March 2015

Public Hearings

April 2015

April 2015

Promote Council Decisions

May 2015

June 2016

Implement Service Changes

Aug 2015

Aug-Sep 2016

Follow Up Study

June 2017

Dec 2017