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Bus Stop Improvement Project (BSIP)

Artistic canopies, seating and real-time arrival information coming to a bus stop near you.

Bus Stop Improvement Project (BSIP)

Big Blue Bus has finished the construction of 206 bus stops around the City of Santa Monica. This process lasted between March 2015 and December 2016. There are a handful of stops that are built but not yet in service; they will go into service when the route associated with it commences either in February 2016 or June 2016.

During summer 2015, Big Blue Bus also installed new targets, poles, and route information holders at all stops that did not get the Blue Spot treatment throughout the service area. 

Which stops are still closed?

All stops that should be back in service are now in service. However, the following stops have been built, but will not go into service immediately:

  • 20th & Delaware (northbound): Will go into service after Expo Rail opens as part of the new Route 42. 
  • 20th & Pico (northbound): Will go into service after Expo Rail opens as part of the new Route 42.
  • 4th & Hollister (both directions): Will go into service in February 2016 as part of the new Route 18.
  • Colorado & 17th (both directions): Will go into service by June 2016 as part of the new Route 42.
  • Main & City Hall (southbound): Will reopen when Colorado Esplanade construction is done with Route 2 service.
  • Montana & Stanford (westbound, Route 3M): Will go into service in February 2016 as part of the new Route 18.
  • Pico & Lincoln (eastbound, Route 7 and Rapid 7): Slated to move from its current location and into service once we get authorization from the City.
  • Santa Monica & 17th (westbound): Will go into service in February 2016 when we consolidate stops at 16th & 18th Street.
  • Stewart & Pennsylvania (southbound): Will go into service in Fbruary 2016 as part of the new Route 16.

 Updated:  December 15, 2015

Tell me more about the design.

Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects (LOHA) was chosen to work with City staff to design the new stop amenities. LOHA was directed to develop designs that would

  • Enhance the streetscape
  • Consider physical constraints of the streets
  • Allow for maximum visibility to businesses and signage located around it
  • Feature the use of alternative energy
  • Be as impervious to vandalism and loitering as possible
  • Offer easily readable and aesthetically pleasing transit information
  • Be simple and cost effective to maintain and service
  • Adhere to ADA regulations
  • Adapt to current & future transit technologies

    The design chosen met the criteria above. Called "The Blue Spots", the shelters and information signs have flexibility, offer visibility, and information to transit riders.

    The project design was a result of extensive outreach to a great number of stakeholders, including riders, City Council officials, business owners with storefronts behind bus stops, and more. 

    True to the iterative community engagement process, BBB has been making ongoing adjustments to the design of the new bus stops although construction is already underway. These changes include the design of the seats and their placement (so as to avoid blocking the sightline of the bus for both drivers and riders); it will also address customer demand for additional shade from the sun at low-volume bus stops. 

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    Bus Stop Improvement Project (BSIP)
    Bus Stop Improvement Project (BSIP)
    Through BSIP, we are upgrading our stops to create a safe, secure and welcoming place to wait for transit.
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