Bringing Your Bike

All Big Blue Buses have racks that accommodate most bikes, including kids’ bikes (but not tandems). Each rack can carry two bikes and very soon all of our 40' ft vehicles will be equipped with three-position bike racks. Available on a first-come, first-served basis.

To operate the rack, simply squeeze the handle in the center of the rack to lower and raise it. Place your bike between the grooves, pull the clamp straight out and over the front tire of the bicycle and that’s it!

  1. Cyclists are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycle. Easy to follow instructions are clearly displayed on every rack.
  2. Bikes (with the exception of folding bikes) are not allowed inside buses, unless the bike rack is full and it's the last trip in service.
  3. Bring your folding bike onto the bus, but remember to fold your bike before the bus arrives. While inside, make sure to keep the aisle clear.
  4. When you reach your destination, let the Operator know that you're going to remove a bike from the rack.
  5. Exit through the front door.
  6. Always load/unload your bike by approaching the bus from the curb side and never from the adjacent traffic lane. Passing traffic cannot see you.
  7. If there are no other bicycles on the rack, load your bike closest to the bus with handlebars toward the curb. The next bicycle should be loaded with the handlebars facing away from the curb.
  8. Remove any items that may interfere with the headlights or other bus equipment, this includes large or bulky items.
  9. Bikes cannot be locked onto the rack.
  10. Only tires should touch the rack.
  11. If you're taking the last bike off the rack, please return the rack to the upright position.
  12. If you forget to remove your bike, or if the bus pulls away before you unload it, please note the bus number and route, and call Customer Service at (310) 451-5444.

Bicycles are transported at the owner’s risk. The Big Blue Bus is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged bicycles.

Customer Service:
310 451-5444

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