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Boarding Tips

Knowing how to board makes riding easier for you, and it helps keep buses on-time.

For your safety and the safety of others, if the bus is already pulling away from the curb when you get to your stop, wait for the next bus to arrive. Operators are prohibited from allowing riders to board once the bus is moving.

  1. Please wait at a designated bus stop in order to be picked up. To ensure the Operator sees you, remain on the sidewalk near the bus sign approximately two feet away from the curb. Signal the Operator by waving your hand. Gather your belongings while the bus is approaching.
  2. If more than one bus pulls up at the stop at the same time, approach the bus you wish to board. Each bus will stop only once at the stop, and will not wait to pull forward when the front bus departs. If the bus doesn’t stop, it is likely it is already at capacity or out-of-service. Please be patient and wait for the next bus.
  3. Please have your fare or transfer ready to insert, swipe or to show the Operator upon boarding.
  4. If you have a question for the Operator, please be as brief as possible.
  5. After you’ve paid/shown your fare, please move to the rear of the bus. Seats in the front of the bus should be saved /given to riders with mobility challenges.