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American Public Transportation Association Awards Big Blue Bus for Its Sustainability Program
July 26, 2016

Big Blue Bus Committed to Sustainability 


SANTA MONICA, CA - The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) announced today that it is recognizing Big Blue Bus (BBB) with a Silver Status Award for its sustainability program at the APTA Sustainability Conference in Austin, Texas.


First started in 2009, 133 public transit agencies and businesses have signed on to the APTA Sustainability Commitment Program. Currently, 38 of these signatories have received recognition from APTA. The APTA Sustainability Program recognizes outstanding sustainability achievements which have met specific criteria through the APTA Sustainability Commitment program. Public transit agencies and businesses that voluntarily participate in the APTA Sustainability Commitment program commit to implementing processes and actions that create continuous improvements in environmental, social, and economic sustainability.  Depending on the level of accomplishments, organizations are presented Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze Level certifications.


Big Blue Bus has long been recognized as a national leader for its sustainability practices. Since the 1990's, BBB has utilized alternative fuel buses to reduce its carbon footprint. BBB Director Ed King adds, "Big Blue Bus' long-term commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship is demonstrated over decades of proactive choices in fuel and engine type, as well as continued greening of its facilities. BBB is honored to be recognized by APTA with this prestigious award for its sustainability program."


Big Blue Bus, in its Sustainability Commitment Statement submitted to APTA's Sustainability Program, identified 16 sustainability actions that it has completed to date, and committed to achieve six new short-term action items as well as four "stretch" items to be completed over the next few years. A few of the projects the agency is most proud of include:


  • The construction of LEED certified Maintenance Facility. 
  • The use of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), a bio-gas derived from harvested landfill methane, to fuel BBB's LNG and CNG fleet. 
  • Retrofitting 30 buses by replacing the existing Cummins ISL G engine that produced 0.2 NOx and installing the ISL G Near-Zero emission engine that is certified at only 0.01 of NOx. The NOx emissions in these 30 buses will be reduced by 95%. 
  • Procurement of 25 new 40- foot buses with the Cummins ISL G Near-Zero emission engine in 2016.