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Transfer from Blue to Expo for Only $0.50!
November 02, 2016

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Did you know that you can transfer from Big Blue Bus to Expo for only $0.50? Big Blue Bus offers connections to Metro's Expo Line on every route; transfers provide riders with an easy and affordable way to travel on both bus and rail, to complete a one-way trip.


How Do These Transfers Work?

Riders can transfer to Expo or Big Blue Bus for just $0.50 ($0.25 for S/D/M), by purchasing an "Interagency Transfer" (also known as an IAT). IATs allow riders to board one additional bus or rail line, without paying a full fare for the second boarding (click here for more details on IATs). Here's how to purchase an IAT for your next trip on Big Blue Bus and Expo:


Transferring from Big Blue Bus to Expo:

  1. When boarding Big Blue Bus, ask the Operator for a "Metro Rail" transfer.
  2. Place $0.50 cash ($0.25 for S/D/M) into the farebox.
  3. You will receive a special TAP-enabled transfer (as shown below).
Paper IAT
  1. Tap the transfer on the validator/turnstile when you arrive at the Expo station, and you're ready to ride!


The total cost of your trip will be $1.75 ($1.25 on Big Blue Bus + $0.50 transfer to Expo). You just saved yourself $1.25!


Transferring from Expo to Big Blue Bus:

  1. Exit the train and locate a nearby ticket vending machine (TVM) at the station.




  1. Purchase an "E-Transfer" for $0.50 ($0.25 for S/D/M) at the TVM.
  1. Purchase a "Metro-to-Muni" transfer for $0.50 ($0.25 for S/D/M) at the TVM.
  1. Follow the on-screen prompts to load the E-Transfer directly onto your TAP card.
  1. The TVM will dispense a paper transfer.
  1. When boarding Big Blue Bus, simply tap your card on the validator to use the transfer. You're all set!
  1. Present the paper transfer to a Big Blue Bus Operator when boarding. You're all set!

The Fine Print

Here are some important details to keep in mind, prior to purchasing an IAT:


  • IATs are valid for two (2) hours from the time of purchase, and can be used to board one (1) additional Metro Bus, Metro Rail, or most other regional bus lines.
  • Only one transfer may be purchased per paid fare.
  • When boarding a bus using a transfer, another transfer cannot be purchased.
  • Riders must pay full fare when transferring from one Big Blue Bus to another Big Blue Bus.


Plan Ahead

Be sure to use Google Transit to plan your trip on Big Blue Bus and Expo. If you need additional assistance with trip planning, please call Customer Service at (310) 451-5444. 


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