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Ride Express for Less!
February 13, 2019

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On March 17, 2019, all Rapid 10 Express fares and passes will be discontinued. Regular and Senior/Disabled/Medicare (S/D/M) customers may board Rapid 10 with any Local Big Blue Bus (BBB) fare or pass.

Why is BBB making this change?
We’re eliminating Rapid 10 Express fares and passes to:
• Make the fare you pay consistent across our system.
• Speed up boarding time to get you on your way faster.
• Help you travel more for less.

Reduced Rapid 10 Single Fare and Upgrade Fee
Starting March 17, 2019, the Rapid 10 single ride fare will be:
• Regular customers: $1.25 cash or $1.10 using TAP Stored Value.
• S/D/M customers: $0.50 cash or $0.50 using a Reduced-Fare Senior TAP card.

Regular and S/D/M Rapid 10 customers will no longer pay an upgrade fee.

Discontinued 30-Day Express Passes
After February 16, 2019, BBB will no longer sell 30-Day Express passes at the Transit Store, vendor locations, or at However, BBB will accept 30-Day Express passes already in circulation until December 31, 2020. Unused passes cannot be returned.

Beginning March 17, 2019, BBB will accept all Local Regular and S/D/M BBB fares and passes on Rapid 10.

EZ Transit Base Pass Accepted
Starting March 17, 2019, the EZ Transit Pass Zone 1 will no longer be required to ride Rapid 10. Regular and S/D/M customers may board Rapid 10 with an EZ Transit Base Pass.

Additional Resources:
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