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LiNC: A Reimagined Lincoln Blvd
June 14, 2017

Santa Monica's Lincoln Boulevard is getting a makeover. The City is making a series of improvements to transform the corridor into a friendlier environment for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit customers. These changes will occur over a 1.25-mile stretch, between the I-10 Freeway overpass and City limits at Ozone Avenue. Beginning this summer, you can expect to see more trees and a new peak-hour Bus-Only Lane for Big Blue Bus' Route 3 and Rapid 3, running during peak commute hours, from 7am - 9am (northbound) and 4pm - 7pm (southbound) on weekdays. The Bus-Only Lane will improve bus flow and save Big Blue Bus commuters travel time.

LiNC Map 2

The series of street-level enhancements, collectively known as the "Lincoln Neighborhood Corridor Plan" (or "LiNC"), is supported by the local business community and nearby property owners. Local business improvement goals include a renewed focus on restaurants, cafes, markets and neighborhood services along the boulevard. These changes will help vehicle flow, support transit, enhance landscaping, and improve the overall experience for pedestrians.

The Bus-Only Lane will be implemented in August 2017. For more information, please visit