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Find the TAP Wearable That's Right for You
November 14, 2023

Whether you're working out, you're out on the town, or you're simply in a rush, find the TAP wearable that's right for you: 
  • Mini Key Fob - Perfect for your key ring or backpack zipper! 
  • TAP Stretch - Available in small or large elastic fabric. 
  • TAP Flex - Available in black or blue silicone. 
TAP wearables offer the same features as your Regular (blue) TAP card - you can load passes and Stored Value to use on any of the 26 TAP agencies. Register your TAP wearable on and enjoy key benefits such as balance protection, payment for TAP programs and more. All wearables expire after 5 years and loading fare at the time of purchase is optional. 

No need to take out your wallet or pull out your phone to tap. Enjoy this convenient way to wear your TAP fare when you're on-the-go. Limited-edition TAP wearables are available for a low price of $5 at Blue: The Transit Store.