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Discontinuation of LA Metro Tokens on Big Blue Bus
June 30, 2017

Big Blue Bus is updating its policy regarding the acceptance of LA Metro tokens on-board our buses. As part of the first phase of Big Blue Bus' token discontinuation efforts, Metro tokens will no longer be accepted on Big Blue Bus effective July 1, 2017

Phase two will include the discontinuation of Big Blue Bus tokens, effective December 31, 2017. Instead of tokens, Big Blue Bus will launch a 1-Ride TAP-enabled card (coming in September) for $1.25*, the same price as the single-ride token.

*For Rapid 10 customers, there is an upgrade fee of $1.25.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you discontinuing the use of Metro tokens?

Since Metro tokens are valued at $1.75, you may be over-paying by $0.50 when riding Big Blue Bus, which is only $1.25. 

Can I use Metro tokens on Metro Rail or Metro buses?

You may continue to use Metro tokens on Metro Rail or Metro buses at your discretion.

What happens if I use a Metro token on Big Blue Bus after July 1st?

If you attempt to use a Metro token on Big Blue Bus after the discontinuation date, the token will be rejected by the farebox and the Operator will ask you to pay the full $1.25 fare in cash (or $2.50 if riding Rapid 10).