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Placement Options

You may place king, jumbo queen and taillight-sized ads on the Big Blue Bus and the Culver CityBus. Note: We do not offer interior car card, interior video, or exterior digital advertisements.


SM Water Doggy

Make the biggest mobile impact possible across BBB’s 52-square mile service area. Over 250 buses can feature these eye-level ads to ensure everyone will be talking about your message. Dimensions: 30" x 144" Gross Impressions from a #25 showing: 5,131,400

Jumbo Queens

City Net Broadband

Jumbo Queens are slightly smaller than kings to accommodate some of our fleet. Like the kings, they are installed on the side of the bus and have the same viewers as the Kings. Dimensions: 30" x 88" Live Area: 27" x 84" Gross impressions from a #25 showing during a four-week flight: 3,421,000


Santa Monica Ice Downtown BBB Tails

Need a captive audience? Share your message with anyone stuck in L.A. traffic – and that means everyone in a car! These ads are especially effective for promoting any information you want remembered, like show dates and website addresses. Dimensions: 21" x 70" Gross Impressions: 3,669,000