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Advertising Policies

Advertising Guidelines

The City may change these advertising guidelines at any time and without notice to Advertiser. Advertisers may contact BBB’s Advertising Sales Team to obtain the current advertising guidelines.

View our Advertising Policy Outline


Master Sales Agreement

All advertisers must have a Master Sales Agreement signed and on file with the City of Santa Monica City Clerk. The Master Sales Agreement (MSA) is a legally binding document which must be signed by the financially responsible party, as well as by the city of Santa Monica city attorney, city manager, and city clerk. The Master Sales Agreement must be renewed every three years. It takes roughly 2 to 3 weeks to complete the MSA.

View our Advertiser Master Sales Agreement 
View our Agency Master Sales Agreement

Purchasing and Cancellation Policy

  • Minimum advertising buy: 20 units over four weeks
  • Cancellation: Contracts are non-cancellable within 60 days of start date.
  • Insertion Orders: The Big Blue Bus cannot post your ad without a signed insertion order.
  • Holds: The Big Blue Bus reserves the right to cancel holds at any time up until an insertion order is in place. The right to cancel is at the sole discretion of the Big Blue Bus.