Code of Conduct

BBB is a community service. We respectfully request that all riders keep each other in mind by observing the following code of conduct:

 Do    Don't
In the interest of everyone’s safety and comfort, all riders must wear shoes or sandals and be fully clothed to board the bus.
When boarding, please remove headphones and put cell phone calls on hold, as the Operator may need to speak with you.
Offer your seat to elderly or disabled riders.
All animals, except guide or service animals, must be in a pet carrier.
Any items you bring on board must remain clear of the aisle at all times.

Double strollers carrying two children do not need to be folded before you board. You may use the wheelchair area only if it is not occupied by other customers. 

Regular strollers and double strollers carrying one child must be folded before you board and remain clear of the aisle at all times.

 You may use your cell phone on board, but please watch the volume and content of your conversation.


The use of cigarettes, cigars, oral tobacco, electronic cigarettes and all other tobacco products is prohibited on all buses and at all bus stops within the City of Santa Monica. Smoking while waiting at a bus stop is subject to citation.  

Drinking is not permitted on board, but you may transport non-alcoholic beverages on the bus in covered cups or containers. 

Eating is not permitted on board, but you may bring food along in sealed containers.    

Surfboards six feet long or shorter are allowed on board; sorry, longer boards are not allowed.
Playing amplified music is not permitted on board. You are welcome to use headphones to listen to your music privately.
Please refrain from using profanity while on board.
For the safety of all riders, everyday items like gas cans, car batteries, paint and anything remotely combustible cannot be brought on board.
Please do not put your feet on the seats.
Customer Service:
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